Development is Paused Temporarily!

Development of BackSlash Linux is paused temporarily due to some financial problems. We hope BackSlash Linux to be back soon. Please show your love and support for BackSlash Linux by donating to us and sponsoring BackSlash Linux. Each and every kind of support option and documentation is temporarily inaccessible for the consumers. We're sorry for the inconvenience caused. Community support will, however, continue to function. You can go here or here to seek support.

In this period of time, you can continue to download and use BackSlash Linux, still for free, from our Sourceforge Page, however you may need to navigate yourself on the page. Donors and Sponsors who will donate more than $20 and help us revive will we given some goodies and extra options from BackSlash Linux and also a active list would be maintained for all the donors on the site. You would be the reason BackSlash Linux is up and running and would always be available for free.

  1. If you're a customer from India and don't have an International Card to use on PayPal, use this link to donate.
  2. Donors and Sponors list would be available as soon as the site goes live again.
  3. If you wish to advertise on the site, please contact here.